Ask the Pro's: Should I Bring my Polaris?

Posted by Pro's on February 07, 2018 to

Pulling a travel trailer to Alaska for 2 plus months in late May 2018.

Is it worth bringing my 5O inch wide Polaris Razor to explore/fish to get away from crowds?

- Mike P

I am planning to fish the road system on Kodiak Island in the fall of 2018.

What is the optimum timing for freshwater silver salmon?

- Bill

Planning a bucket list fishing trip to Alaska this summer in either July or August. I know I won't be able to fly fish for every species of salmon due to run times. So if you had to pick what is your favorite type of salmon to fly fish for? And what are your other favorite species to target on the fly?

- Larry

My wife and I would like to take our 5 and 7 year old salmon fishing in Alaska on a river or charter. A total of possibly 7 people may go on this trip. Is there a time of year that would be best for us? We're thinking June, July or August. Any specific species we should target or things to look out for?

We live in Washington State and my boys have river and lake fished but I want to hook them into something and see something of size.

- Brian

I was in Alaska in July this year. Stayed in Stewart right on the Kenia River. Sure had a tuff time catching Sockeye's...When would be the best time of the year to come back to Alaska to fish for Silver Salmon?

- Bruce

We will be in Alaska August 2-6th with a house on the Kenai River by Cooper Landing. August 3rd we have an 8 hour salmon guide, and then on the 4th and 5th we were looking to do a combination of hiking and fishing.

We found a few trails such as Quartz Creek, Ptarmigan Creek and Resurrection pass. We were wondering if you have heard of those trails or know of any hiking where we can get away from the crowds but still fish for great Dollys and Trout?

On the 6th we are driving back to Anchorage and are looking to hit some spots on the way. Our flight isn't until 1130pm so we have some time. Any suggestions on places or hikes in between Copper Landing and Anchorage?

- Colin

My teenage son and I are headed near Lake Clark in the middle of June and were planning on fly fishing for some salmon, rainbows & grayling. This will be my first visit and I've heard that during certain times of the summer there's a midnight sun and it's light almost all day long.

We're from Montana and here we plan out when to go based on sunrise & we were curious how that effects the fishing if there is really barely any sunrise/sunset. Are there still peak times? Do people actually fish at midnight if it's light out?


- Billy

  • We are looking for a family fishing trip that can accommodate children from 3-12 years old.

    We have four children ages 3-12 years. We would ultimately like to fish for two days, and have time to experience the outdoors through different ways that can accommodate our three year old and five year old. Without our children feeling held back by them. We would like to stay for five days. Our budget is dependent upon the options offered. With that said we do not need 5 star luxury. We opt more for extremely clean, and safe. I hope that is of some help. Thank you.

    - Tony

My wife and I are celebrating 50 years of marriage this year. We started our courtship by going on fishing trips in the Florida keys. Fishing has been a big part of our life! We have never been on a fishing trip in Alaska, and was wondering if anyone could help in recommending a comfortable, laid back fishing lodge with high quality accomations that would work well for seniors. We don't think we want to handle the big halibut or king salmon adventures. We are accomplished spin casting fishermen, and love to eat what we catch. Any help would be appreciated.

- Ray

We are in the process of planning a trip to Alaska for late July or August 2017. We are 2 couples and the ladies will not be fishing. It seems a waste to pay "Lodge" prices per person when the girls will not be fishing. So, we need a nice place for the girls to stay and have things to do while we go fish. Daily flyouts are fine if necessary. We would like at least 1 or 2 day(s) of Halibut fishing and a few days of Salmon and backcountry trout fishing, trout being higher priority than salmon. We want the closet you can get us to the "Alaska" experience. We are also fine staying in a remote location for a night or two with the ladies back in town.

Any help would be appreciated.

- Robert

I'm trying to plan a fly fishing trip to Alaska to catch some trophy King Salmon on flies this summer. Also interested in Silvers and Rainbows but we would definitely would love to hook into some huge Kings on a fly. Do you have any suggestions for areas/rivers to focus on?

We were thinking of July but can move it to June or August if necessary to catch the peak King Salmon run.


- Gary, Oregon

  • Looking for recommendations on the best locations to target Grayling and Rainbows on dry flies in Alaska this summer (June or July). Would fly into Anchorage, rent a car and find some places to stay near the streams/rivers I want to try.

    Would this be realistic to do with a car?

    Are there places to park & hike into streams & rivers with good fishing?

    Any species other than Rainbows & Grayling you would suggest for dry flies that time of year?

    I'm willing to drive up to 8 hours from Anchorage if needed to find great fly fishing without the crowds. Prefer fishing dry flies but of course I will fish whatever flies work best if needed.

    - Trevor, Vermont

  • Planning two trips to Alaska (one early for dry fly 'bows and the other late season for the silver runs). Was told by the guide service I'm using that Bristol Bay Flies has a good selection of the flies I'll need. Anyone know if their quality is what I'll need? They are listed in New York, so I kind of wondered.

    - Mark B

  • Retired 63 year old from upstate NY. Spent 2 weeks last two summers fishing on the Kenai peninsula and will be driving to Alaska in a few weeks to fish the summer.

    Float planes, lodges, jet boats etc. are not exactly in the pension budget. Looking...correction....begging for locations to wade / stream fish etc. I'm not much of a threat to subsistence fisherman or dip netters, as I don't eat Salmon and very seldom keep / kill fish intentionally. Any help / suggestions would b greatly appreciated.

    Not afraid of to hike / explore....not interested in the combat fishing.

    - Harold D, Upstate New York

I do a lot of deep sea fishing from Southern California and Mexico. I'm excited about going to a great fishing resort in Alaska. i want to bring home fish because I love fish. I would like to do a combo of Salmon and Halibut. I really haven't caught either. I would also like to know when would be the best times and should I follow a tide chart in planning? Thanks for the help. I would be going with 3 other people. Medium price range preferred.

- William T, California

A buddy and I are planning a trip. We live in Colorado and fish often locally. We would like to start planning a trip to Alaska for 2016. Where would you suggest flying into (what cities) and what rivers would you suggest. We are open for targeting steelhead, salmon, or big rainbows.

- Mark H, Colorado