Goodnews River

The Goodnews River flows out of the Ahklun Mountains and empties into the Bering Sea. The river sits east of Nanvakflak Lake and Northeast of the town of Platinum and is surrounded by the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. Goodnews Bay is a large sheltered bay and its river stretches some 50 miles from its source to the bay. In between is Goodnews Lake

The Goodnews River splits into three branches which offer outstanding fishing along a river that is remote enough you are not likely to encounter other fishermen beside those in your group.

Fishing the Goodnews River

There are plenty of big fish here. In addition to the heavy runs of all five species of Pacific Salmon, there are big Leopard Rainbow Trout, Sea Run Dolly Varden, and plenty of Arctic Grayling.

The fishing here is boat-in or fly-in and most people who fish do so by boat. There are plenty of places along the many runs, riffles, and braids to anchor the boat and fish from a sandbar or from the shore.

King Salmon - Late June throughout most of July

Leopard Rainbow Trout - All Year, but fishable from June - October

Sockeye Salmon - First and second week of July the Sockeye Salmon begin their run and they come by the boatload.

Chum Salmon - End of the first week of July the Chum Salmon are beginning their swim. These are an underrated Salmon that loose out to the Kings, but Chum Salmon are fighters and they come in as a close second to Silver Salmon. If you want an early season fighting fish, the Chum Salmon is the best choice around.

Early Salmon are the best. They are full of energy, chrome silver, and fresh. These are the best to play, eat, and take home. Because the Goodnews River empties right into Goodnews Bay, you gain the advantage over many other fishing locations because you have access to the mouth of the river.

Sea Run Dolly Varden - The Sea Run Dolly Varden which are very similar to Steelhead show up mid-July. These are big trophy fish in the 30-inch range. Dolly Varden are cousins to the Rainbow Trout but are more closely related to Brook Trout. Steelhead are Sea Run Rainbows. So the Sea Run Dolly Vardens are on that level.

Silver Salmon - The game starts mid-July when the Silver Salmon are running. These are the acrobats of the Salmon fishing world. They strike hard, fight hard, and they will wear you down.

Pink Salmon - Last week of July is when the Pink Salmon begin to run and they come by the millions. In fact, the last week in July anglers typically has an opportunity to target all five species of Pacific Salmon in the Goodnews River.

  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $5,000 to $6,000 Per Person
  • Type: Lodges
  • Fishing: Fly Fishing Freshwater Fishing Guided Fishing
Map of Goodnews River Lodge

The Goodnews River Lodge sits on the edge of the beautiful Togiak National Wildlife Refuge in Southwest Alaska. This is the only lodge that sits along this stretch of Alaska and offers exposure to all of the three branches of the Goodnews River System. Expect a remote and wild locations, but a clean and comfortable lodge. One of the great features of this lodge is that you do not need to fly out to find …