Tikchik Narrows Lodge
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    6 - 7 Days: $7,000 to $8,000 Per Person
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Tikchik Lodge is a luxury Alaska fishing lodge with plush cabins. The lodge has a rich history of ownership that has led to a progression of growth for this outstandingly rich freshwater fishing lodge. They do not fish salt water. The lodge sits on a natural rock peninsula that serves as a natural divider between the Tikchik and Nuyukuk lakes in the heart of Bristol Bay. This is the heart of the Wood Tikchik State Park. The special location is the largest state park in the United Sates. The lodge offers world-class amenities such as a natural stone fireplace. The dining room is circular to offer guests a panoramic view of the lakes. Meals here are the envy of many of the world's finest restaurants. There are plenty of areas around the complex to enjoy wildlife viewing, quiet times, or to fish. The river is 50-100 feet away.

The Tikchik lodge complex has seven plush cabins that each has lake views as well as the stunning views of the Kilbuck mountains. Cabins are equipped with a private bath, excess closet space, bay windows, and your own heating and hot water system. Cabins are cleaned daily, and there are in-room snacks, coffee maker and beverages. The lodge offers flexible options for downtime. Rest and relax, or hike and explore. It is a good idea to rest because the fishing here is intense.

Fantastic Freshwater Fishing in the Salmon Factory of the World

Bristol Bay is a complex bay where many rivers drain into the bay. This outstanding area is prime for salmon fishing as all five species of salmon flood the bay to find their migratory streams. Inland, the Tikchik Narrows Lodge takes advantage of this phenomenal natural process. The lodge hosts over 40 boats throughout the freshwater portion of Bristol Bay. There are five species of salmon here including the massive King Salmon. In fact, 75% of the king salmon caught in Alaska come from this area. This is also a champion location for silver salmon. Silver salmon are prized for their striking and fighting. The waters here are also rich in sockeye, pink and chum salmon. Other freshwater sportfish includes Rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, Northern Pike, Arctic Char and Arctic Grayling as well as Lake Trout. This is why there is a network of 40+ boats. The lodge is a center for fishing excellence.

Rivers, Lakes, Drainage Systems - A Freshwater haven form sports fishermen and trophy fish.

Tikchik Narrows Lodge focuses their fishing efforts on the western half of the Bristol Bay waterway and river systems. Rivers include the Kulukak River, Tikchik Lakes and part of the Iliamna waterway. Drainage systems and lakes include the Nushagak River drainage, Wood River Lakes system and the Togiak River drainage. These offer hundreds of miles of pure freshwater fishing. This is not a saltwater fishing lodge. The guides are experienced in both the fish and the local waterways. The lodge features special permits for areas that other lodges cannot fish. Those include the upper Nushagak River where there is a fish camp for guides and guests. The Nushagak River camp's remote location offers unequaled fishing and outdoor experiences. Alaska is a wild frontier; the Tikchik Narrows Lodge keeps the natural part wild and the accommodations modern and luxurious.

Fishing, Kids and World's Best Salmon Fishery

Nature sets the scene here at Tikchik Narrows Lodge, but it is the experience of the staff that make this place habitable. There is plenty of fishing to be had here, and kids are just as welcome as veteran fisherman. There are outstanding opportunities for the whole family here. Take a wildlife viewing trip to watch the bears hunt salmon. You can also take a flightseeing trip to see the salmon, caribou and bears. There is kayaking opportunities around the lake and you can even just rest while watching the eagles fish. The guides are equally happy to help kids fish. Tikchik Narrows Lodges offers something spectacular for every member of the family.

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Not like a Family...
5.0 Star Rating
Reviewed By on October 23, 2015
  • It is a family... I have never experienced such a dedicated and we'll run group of hospitality and fishing professionals anywhere in the world... Just understanding the logistics of this operation...
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Best Fishing Trip EVER!
5.0 Star Rating
Reviewed By on September 14, 2015
  • Staying at the TikChick Narrows Lodge beat all our expectations! Not only was the fishing experience amazing (Salmon, Trout, Dolly Vardon, and Pike galore) the staff and guides provided service above...
  • Read Full Review
Style, amazing fishing and a first-rate crew in wild Alaska
5.0 Star Rating
Reviewed By on July 16, 2015
  • Tikchik Narrows Lodge is a testimony to how it should be done. I don't know if there's a Harvard Business School case study for how to run an Alaska fishing lodge out in the bush -- but if there is...
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