Favorite Alaska Fishing Videos from 2018

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This is the time of year where a lot of anglers are fine tuning plans for their upcoming trip or starting to research a future fishing trip to Alaska. There is a lot of good information available (we like to think the My Alaskan Fishing Trip website is one source!) but sometimes watching a video can help with planning. You might see a fishing location, technique, or something else that can direct your next trip (worst case scenario, the video gets you excited about what's to come for you!). So, we like to collect our favorite Alaska fishing videos in one spot and here are our favorite videos from 2018.

Luxury fishing lodges in Alaska are not common. The remote location of many lodges makes it difficult to import luxury materials for building and luxury materials for meals, entertaining, and daily life. Those efforts make luxury fishing lodges special. But it is not just the creature comforts that make up a luxury fishing lodge. In this "fishing the good life" blog, we look at why anglers choose luxury when Alaska is full of fishing lodges.

Why Consider a Luxury Lodge?

We count three primary reasons to consider a luxury lodge experience in Alaska - great fishing, accommodations, and service. Anglers choose luxury fishing lodges to enjoy and experience a side of the world that even the richest person might not know or have seen. These are places that blow your mind while allowing you to enjoy fishing in luxury and with people who care that your experience goes beyond the cost and becomes a trip you will always look back on and want to return. That is why anglers choose luxury fishing lodges in Alaska.

"An Alaska fishing trip is costly and often a once in a lifetime experience," notes Allen Walburn of Kodiak Island Resort in Larson Bay, AK. Allen notes that, because of this, luxury lodge guests "want to do everything possible to avoid any unpleasant surprises, so they seek out the best locations and lodges in hopes of assuring a satisfying experience that will supply a lifetime of memories".

Fresh caught sockeye salmon sushi
Expect excellent meals such as freshly caught sockeye salmon sushi at a Luxury Lodge

Best Videos of 2016

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One of the many Silver Salmon we caught in 2016

Whether you landed the big one, reached your daily limit, or just had a good day catching up with your fishing friends, we hope you all had the chance to make some good memories last year. If you were really fortunate, then you were able to catch those memories on video too…but, if you didn't, then you can relive the excitement of fishing and beauty of the outdoors with our favorite Alaska fishing videos from 2016. Maybe we'll see your video on the list next year? Send us any you get!

One of the newest contributors to My Alaskan Fishing Trip is Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf and we recently asked her a few questions to help you get to know her better. We look forward to sharing Pudge's fly fishing experience with you as she is Alaska's leading woman fly fishing instructor, fly tyer, and guide. Her extensive resume includes being the owner of Women's Flyfishing®, a Trout Unlimited Endorsed business, which provides fly fishing schools and small group guided trips focused on female anglers. Additionally, Pudge is the author of five books on fly fishing in Alaska - portions of which will be featured on this site along with her answers to your questions from our "Ask the Pro's" series.

Cecelia 'Pudge' Kleinkauf
Alaska Author & Guide - Cecelia 'Pudge' Kleinkauf

Father's Day is coming up quick (June 19th) but it's not too late to avoid getting your dad another tie, wallet, or screwdriver. We've put together a few fishing related gift ideas that work for any dad that likes to fish.

Books: there are a lot of fishing advice related options that can help whether your old man is a seasoned veteran or just getting started. If he's just starting to fly fish, then we suggest the L.L. Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing. It collects tips from multiple experts and breaks fly fishing into four primary sections: general fly fishing, fly fishing for bass, fly casting, and fly tying.

Best Alaska Fishing Videos of 2015

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Angry Eagle Lodge - Little Guy, Big Fish!
Angry Eagle Lodge - Little Guy, Big Fish!

Everybody knows that YouTube has endless hours of content and we all use it for a variety of reasons...most of us have probably spent more time than we'd like to admit watching the latest 'fail' videos. Fortunately, in addition to 'fail' videos, there is a lot of content about great topics - including Alaskan fly fishing!

The team at My Alaskan Fishing Trip tries to catch all the latest videos that highlight Alaskan lodges, nature, fishing tips, and great fishing! So, we've collected some of our favorites from the last year here and hope you like our picks.

The Most Popular Articles of 2015

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Sweetwaters Mongolia Taimen Fishing Camp
Fly-Fishing for 40-inch Taimen with Sweetwaters Mongolia Taimen Fishing Camp

The team at My Alaskan Fishing Trip worked hard this past year to continue and provide you, the visitors to the site, with information that can help plan your next Alaskan fishing trip. So, looking back on the year, we wanted to highlight the three most popular blog articles...

You are likely at My Alaskan Fishing Trip because you have questions as you plan your Alaska fishing experience. The goal of the site is to connect anglers like you with information to make your trip successful, so we have created "Ask the Pro" as a way help answer any questions you have - direct from experienced professionals. Answers will come from a diverse group of guides, lodge owners, and other knowledge resources with the primary pro's highlighted below.

So, submit your questions and we will get some answers from our pro's...feel free to ask about anything related to Alaska fishing or general travel. Fishing techniques and tips, or advice on places to go, things to do, non-fishing activities, Alaska with kids, best time to go and more are all welcomed.