Recipe: Beer Battered Salmon

Posted by Joe M on May 13, 2017 to Recipes

Fresh fish, especially fresh salmon, are at their peak culinary value when either prepared or packaged from the water as quick as possible. At Angler's Alibi Lodge, guests catch fresh salmon with an added advantage...they are caught from the river daily. Their location in the tidewater means that anglers are targeting salmon only a few hours after they have left the saltwater and are now in the fresh river system. This influx of salmon and an annually full roster of guests have given owner/operator John Perry plenty of opportunity to dial in some great recipes. He recently shared a couple of with the My Alaskan Fishing Trip crew, the first of which is shown here and it did not disappoint!

Feeds 4-6. Can be enjoyed as an appetizer or paired with your favorite sides for a delicious dinner.