I have a week long float trip planned through on the Stuyahok, Koktuli, or the Moraine in August and am looking for a common food shelter to eat and cook in.

I am curious what kind of tent/shelter you used for your food space....I saw in your moraine video with the shelter that was netted for bugs, but was it waterproof as well? What is your recommendation for this piece of equipment?

Thanks, Connor

Moraine Creek Float Trip
Moraine Creek Float Trip - © Urs Wehrli

We talked with Urs Wehrli of www.floaters.ch to get his advice and thoughts on float trip fishing. Urs has been organizing his own Alaska float trips for the past 8 years. Despite living in Switzerland he has managed to do 9 Alaska Float Fishing Trips over the past 8 years and he shares his experiences and advice on his website. He also makes some fantastic videos of his Alaska Float Trips and even had his 2011 Karluk River Float Trip Video shown at the Kodiak Film Festival. We asked him about some of his best tips & experiences below.