Fishing out of Seward is one of the best decisions you can make when traveling with your family. Sorry not sorry! It's just the hard truth: if you want to fish, and you're bringing the rest of the clan, Seward is the answer.

The reason isn't just because there's phenomenal fishing (there is) but more so that there are so many other phenomenal experiences - there truly is something for everyone to enjoy. I would go so far as to say that Seward has more variety in it's adventure tourism offerings than any other city on the Kenai Peninsula. I focus on the fishing, because I'm a fisherman, though there are so many opportunities here for people of all ages and experience levels.

As you researched fishing trips to Alaska, you likely heard it referred to as the 'fishing trip of a lifetime' and 'bucket list trip' a lot. It's true - the Alaska experience will blow your mind and has the potential to offer amazing fishing. It can also be a bit stressful to prepare for if you let it be…especially if it's your first time planning a trip to Alaska. There are a few things to keep in mind that can limit potential issues and the following are a few tips from my experiences that may help as you prepare for what should be a memorable trip.

Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes south of Anchorage on the Sterling Highway, you will look to your left and be stunned to find the most amazingly brilliant blue-green lake you've ever seen in your life. This is how you know you have arrived in Cooper Landing, a small mountain town of about 300 permanent residents on the Kenai Peninsula.

An extremely popular vacation, fishing and recreation destination, the Kenai Peninsula offers something for everyone. Visitors can enjoy ocean fishing, sightseeing expeditions, glacier tours and whale-watching within the Peninsula's many historic towns such as Hope, Seward, Kenai, Kasilof, Homer, Sterling, Soldotna, Anchor Point, Whittier and Girdwood. Cooper Landing is central to all of these, which makes it the perfect "home base" for your Alaskan adventure.

Luxury fishing lodges in Alaska are not common. The remote location of many lodges makes it difficult to import luxury materials for building and luxury materials for meals, entertaining, and daily life. Those efforts make luxury fishing lodges special. But it is not just the creature comforts that make up a luxury fishing lodge. In this "fishing the good life" blog, we look at why anglers choose luxury when Alaska is full of fishing lodges.

Why Consider a Luxury Lodge?

We count three primary reasons to consider a luxury lodge experience in Alaska - great fishing, accommodations, and service. Anglers choose luxury fishing lodges to enjoy and experience a side of the world that even the richest person might not know or have seen. These are places that blow your mind while allowing you to enjoy fishing in luxury and with people who care that your experience goes beyond the cost and becomes a trip you will always look back on and want to return. That is why anglers choose luxury fishing lodges in Alaska.

"An Alaska fishing trip is costly and often a once in a lifetime experience," notes Allen Walburn of Kodiak Island Resort in Larson Bay, AK. Allen notes that, because of this, luxury lodge guests "want to do everything possible to avoid any unpleasant surprises, so they seek out the best locations and lodges in hopes of assuring a satisfying experience that will supply a lifetime of memories".

Fresh caught sockeye salmon sushi
Expect excellent meals such as freshly caught sockeye salmon sushi at a Luxury Lodge
Seward, Alaska with Mt. Marathon in the background
Seward, Alaska with Mt. Marathon in the background

Seward, Alaska is where travelers come to stay, explore, and fish. There are endless sights to see: you may spot a bald eagle soaring over a majestic glacier or an adorable sea otter eating lunch on his back while cruising the boat harbor. Many people travel to Seward for numerous reasons from sight seeing to sport fishing and everything in between. The year round population of the greater Seward area is approximately 2,750 residents.

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Fishing out of Seward, Alaska is one of the best decisions you can make when traveling with your family. Learn about the increidble fishing & experiences that are available, there truly is something for everyone to enjoy.