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The Best of Alaska Fishing Q&A From 2019

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Posted by Jeff H on

Many of our readers have taken advantage of our Ask the Alaska Fishing Pros section to ask their Alaska fishing related questions to our list of expert contacts. The questions typically relate to getting the pro's thoughts on how to approach certain trip goals…where to fish during a given time or what they'd suggest for a base location and advice on planning certain types of trips like float trips or DIY road trips, etc. The pro's that give feedback have a great range of experience too…lodge owners, fishing guides and charters, fishing supply stores, and more.

Our popular blog collecting the best Alaska fishing videos inspired us to pull together our favorite questions (and answers) from 2019 Ask the Pros. Below are some that we think are varied in the feedback but should be of interest to most of you – sometimes you may not even think of an approach for your future Alaska fishing trip and these Q&A's may inspire you to look closer into different options.

Remote Fly Fishing

A common theme from anglers making a trip to Alaska is getting access to remote Alaska locations that will offer great fishing. This question covers those points and is focused on a fall trip.

Question: Me and my two friends are looking to travel to northern Alaska for fly fishing rainbow trout, grayling, and whatever salmon we could find during the fall fishing season. We are looking to be on our own in a semi remote area where we will not be sharing the river with others. What area would classify as a semi remote area, near accessible wading rivers, with trout running in the river when we will be there around the September-October time period? Any suggestions?

Read the Alaska Experts Thoughts on Getting Remote

Self-Guided Fishing Trip Advice

More typical is the angler looking for guides to get them to the fish but we do see a number of questions asking for advice on planning a self-guided fishing trip. This question asks for advice on a good base location for self-guided fishing in Alaska.

Question: A group of us (2-3) from Lyon, France are planning to make a trip of fly fishing in Alaska for 10 or 12 Days of fishing in June 2020. We plan to fish mostly without a guide. We may get a guide for the first few days but the majority would be unguided. We are looking for a location to base our trip out of. It should have affordable accommodations and access to a variety of drive/hike in fly fishing that would not require a boat.

Do you have any suggestions on where in Alaska to stay and what waters we should look into fishing near where we'll be staying? Also if you have any specific suggestions for a hotel/motel to stay please let us know. We are planning to book flights soon.

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The Alaska Wildlife

In addition to the fishing, a trip to Alaska offers access to nature and wildlife that you can't get in the typical day to day. Popular 'adventure' trips include opportunities to view glaciers, bears, whales, and more. However, anybody in Alaska can simply stop and look around to see unique scenery and animals – many capture those moments in photographs and this couple was looking for advice on where to drive near Anchorage for great fishing and nature photography.

Question: Hi my wife (doesn't fish but loves wildlife) and I will be in Alaska from July 8th - July 23rd. Most of which is already booked from the 8th - 19th. We do have a RV rented on the last leg of our trip from July 19th to the 23rd. So would like to know if there are any good trout or salmon fly fishing creeks, streams, accessible by RV which maybe we could spend the day or two fishing and photographing wildlife? We will be picking up the RV in Anchorage on the 19th.

Read Where the Pro's Suggested they Target

Making the Most of a Trip

This next question is a great example of what goes into planning an Alaska fishing trip. It may be a bucket list alaska fishing trip for many anglers and it's important to get all the information possible so that you can catch all the fish possible. This question (or, these questions) cover different fish species, how the time of year affects fishing, and getting remote in Alaska.

Questions: I will be in Soldotna on a fishing trip from July 28 - August 6. My first question is, will I be able to target king salmon on the fly? I will be fishing from shore and I heard it is a challenge, but I wanted to know where I would have the best shot to catch a king.

My second question is, will there be silver salmon fishing available during this time? If there is, where should I go? Should I just focus on the Kenai River around Soldotna or should I head down to the Kasilof, Ninilchik, or Anchorage? My final question is, do you know of any more secluded, scenic spots to catch rainbow trout or dolly varden? Looking for somewhere I can hike in with some beautiful views. I know this is a lot, but I want to make sure I have all the information I need to make this an amazing fishing trip.

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Straight Forward Fishing Question

This last question focuses on pink salmon and silver salmon fishing, asking the experts for thoughts on where to target both in an even year trip. The experts give a few options of where to fish and the best times of year to consider.

Question: Is it possible to catch the even year pink salmon frenzy and get into excellent silver salmon fishing in one 10 day trip and where?

Read Where and When the Experts Target Salmon

Remember our Ask the Pros section as you plan your Alaska fishing trip…getting the right information is important no matter if it's a bucket list trip, part of a bigger trip, or you'll be back to Alaska again. Ask your questions here.

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