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Posted by John Perry on

Alaska is on the minds of most outdoor enthusiasts as a place of remoteness, raw wilderness, and an abundance of fish and game. Most guests that visit the 49th State are coming here to have a trip of a lifetime, the problem is, most will come back again and again! Alaska is not for all, but it sure continues to be one of the top visited sates in the country during the summer months. Many people come here for the fishing specifically, and believe it or not, great fishing still happens right off the road systems on rivers South of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula.

Experience the Pure Remoteness a Fly-In Fishing Adventure Provides

The anglers that decide to take it a step further and venture off the road system are most likely going to experience and even better time with the pure remoteness a fly-in fishing adventure provides. There are thousands of square miles in Alaska that do not have a road system, but are accessed by float plane and even helicopter in some areas. These areas are well known but have a much less pressured feel to them than anything on the road system. The only man-made noise you may hear is the sound of float planes or boats, not a car, train, or bus as they drive by the river. This is why taking your trip a step further into the Alaska backcountry is well worth the extra effort and expense.

Fishing in a remote area is truly a lifetime experience, and one that should be given a try if this sort of trip sounds appealing to you. The sheer fact that you are going to places only reachable by float plane immediately puts you on a much more remote river than staying back on the mainland. That trophy rainbow trout you are searching for, or that giant king salmon are under much less fishing pressure than the ones back on the road system. This in itself puts the anglers' odds in a much better bracket. The remoteness of flying in to fish not only improves your fishing chances but it also dramatically increases your chances to view Alaska Brown Bears in their natural environment in places where hunting is not allowed and the Brown Bear populations are the highest in the World! Wolves, moose, eagles, ptarmigan, are all much more visible off the road system than back on the Kenai Peninsula, making the experience even that much better!

Fly-Out Fishing Adventures with Angler's Alibi
Fly-Out Fishing Adventures with Angler's Alibi

Thing to Keep in Mind when Considering a Fly-In Fishing Adventure in Alaska

  • How long has the lodge been in operation?
  • How far from town is the lodge? (some are actually on a road system but fly to remote areas)
  • How many guests does the lodge hold?
  • Is there fishing in front of the lodge for bad weather days where flying might not be an option?
  • Are all the fly outs included in the trip package or are they an additional fee?
  • Do guests get shuttled daily to the rivers or does the plane stay with them?

There are many great places to fish off the road system, and a few towns that act as hubs for some incredible fly-in and fly-out fishing exist in South West Alaska like King Salmon, Dillingham, and the village of Igiugig to name a few. You could base your trip from a town and hire a flight service daily to take you out to remote rivers OR you can use the experience of a fishing lodge to take the guess work out of what is fishing best and what gives you the best opportunity to take full advantage of some incredible fishing opportunities. The Alagnak River is situated on one of the top 5 salmon rivers in the world and boasts a huge trout population that rivals any river in the state. The combined salmon runs and trout populations make the Alagnak River one of the best places to base your fly in fishing lodge experience from.

Alagnak River Fly-In Fishing with Angler's Alibi

Angler's Alibi has been in operation since 1994, so almost 30 years of guiding experience in our area of remote Alaska. We not only fish our home river daily, the Alagnak River, but also fly out weekly to target trout, char, and even grayling on other remote rivers. We try and utilize the weather forecast along with salmon run times to maximize our guests experience trying to hit rivers as they are at peak fishing output. We fish in Katmai National Park which boasts some of the best wild trout populations in the World! If weather is an issue, which it often is, we can fish our home river for some of the best salmon fishing in Bristol Bay Watershed as well as focus on trout if that is what the customers want to do. You see, having a home base situated on one of the largest salmon runs in the world is not a bad thing, especially when it is on the tidewater section and the salmon are fresh from the salt, chrome birght and full of fight! We are not on the upper stretches where they are spawning, not chrome from the salt, and not good for table fare. This is a big bonus to us for sure!

Our return rate of business over the years has increased even more with 100% full occupancy the last 8 years and a waiting list to get into Angler's Alibi after the Holidays every year. We have expanded our season, but will not upset the system of 12 guests a week maximum per week. We tried a season at 14 guests a week and it just felt a little crowded in the place so 12 seems to work the best for now. In the future we would like to get down to 10 guests a week. Less is more but with so many of our guests choosing to keep their spots in the coming season, it is just too difficult right now to reduce our numbers. This issues should speak volumes to the kind of operation we run both on the river and off!

Our amenities rival those of much higher price point lodges. Yes, our customers sleep in "tent cabins", but these are insulated with wood front and backs, heated, and with actual doors. These tent cabins we are told are more comfortable and spacious than some other lodges with actual cabins. Our main lodge has a wood burning fireplace and bar that maintains a very comfortable ambiance to your stay. All of our meals are made from scratch and utilize the best possible sources for fresh produce and proteins weekly from Anchorage. Many of our returning guests bring up fresh produce from the lower 48 in their coolers to even further assist in keeping our meal program top shelf in the industry. On the return flight home, the guests leave with fresh vacuum packed salmon fillets they caught while on their trip with us. Our staff to guest ratio is almost 1 to 1, making you as a guest feel like you are supposed to, #1 in all staff's eyes!

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About the Author: John Perry

Owner: Angler's Alibi Lodge - Alaska

John Perry, originally from Michigan, began his guiding career in Colorado in the early 90's. It was here that he met fellow guide and now lodge manager/head guide TR Rafferty. TR left Colorado to guide in Bristol Bay Alaska, and came back with a summer worth of pictures and stories that that John could not imagine living. Two summers later after teaching fly fishing classes and guiding all over Colorado for trout, a guiding job opened up for John to come up and guide at a new small lodge called Angler's Alibi. It is here that John met the original owner Karl Storath. John worked for Karl through the year 2000. After life had it's changes with marriage and the need for a more year round career, John left Alaska but told Karl that he would love the opportunity to buy it when he was ready to retire. In 2007, John came back to Angler's and the change of leadership began as well. Today John is the owner of Angler's Alibi, and lives in Colorado in the off-season raising 2 boys Grey and River Perry with his wife Holly.

To learn more about Angler's Alibi Lodge visit or email John at

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