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Trip Followup with Norman: Extra Day in Anchorage - How my Guided Fly-Fishing Adventure Worked Out!

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Posted by Jason G on

One of this years’ “Ask the Pro’s” questions came from Norman, who was going to be in Alaska for a week of adventure. He had most of his trip planned out but had an extra day in Anchorage and was looking for his best options for some guided fly-fishing (it was his first time fly-fishing) on that open day in Anchorage. We followed up with Norman after his trip to see how his fishing experience during his extra day in Anchorage went as well as the rest of his Alaska vacation to see if he had any tips or advice to share for others in the same situation. Read below to see how Norman's trip went and what advice he may have for you!

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Norman with a huge smile enjoying his day of guided fly-fishing with FishHound Expeditions
Norman with a huge smile enjoying his day of guided fly-fishing with FishHound Expeditions

What brought you to Alaska?

It was on my bucket list to visit Alaska on a cruise ship but due to Covid, we ended up on a land trip and staying at Anchorage, Alaska instead. This brought me to do excursions and I always wanted to fly-fish but wasn't sure what my fly-fishing options were near Anchorage. I have never fly-fished before so I knew that I needed a guide. I reached out through Ask the Pros on this site gave me some information & recommendations which led me to setup a guided day trip with FishHound Expeditions to fish for salmon. I had the best fishing experience ever and my guide Jesse, was outstanding.

How long were you in Alaska and where did you visit while you were here?

I stayed in Achorage and we went on the Anchorage museums, great restaurants, Native Cultural Center, Helicopter ice ride, dog sleighing on the mountains, riding on the streams in the jeep cars (ATV's..i think that's what they are called) for 3 hours, Wildlife Conservation Center, cruise ship to see more glaciers. A whole week of adventure!

When you contacted us you were looking for day of guided fly fishing near Anchorage. Who did you end up going with?

I contacted folks 2 weeks in advance and everything was booked up. I reached out to this site and it saved the day. I reached out to FishHound Expeditions and they helped me setup a guided day trip. I went fly-fishing with a guide and they were very reasonable and accomodating.

How was it getting to where you met your guide from Anchorage. Did you take a car?

I took a rental car and planned to take that but my family needed it…Jesse, my guide did something outside the box and I was able to go fishing! Jesse is the best!!

What was provided with your day of guided fishing did you have to bring anything or just show up?

They provided boots, rods, flies, transportation, gear, overhaul clothes. It was raining buckets, but we still went fishing…rain or shine and I had such a blast!

After Jesse showed me how to fly fish, I caught a salmon in 10 minutes. He is an outstanding teacher. Please tell him, he made the difference in making my fishing experience positive!

How was your day of guided fishing was it everything you expected?

Yes,and even more! I caught fish, released it and had fun! We caught Chum Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Pink Salmon. All catch and release.

How was it fly fishing Alaska did you guide give you advice about flies & fishing techniques?

Yes, Jesse was exemplary. He was so knowledgeable and told me facts about Alaska and Anchorage. He was also a tourist guide too.

Did you have any memorable or favorite catches from the day?

Yes, the trout that jumped in the air about 5 times and I was able to reel that mother in. Also, the Chum Salmon in the photo above which took me about 15 - 20 minutes to bring in! It was fun playing with him. Jesse was my wing man and he scooped it up with a net and I posed for a photo shoot. He took the picture. What more can a day be than that. I was so happy!

How was your overall experience with your guide & FishHound Expeditions would you recommend them to a friend or use them again on your next trip to Alaska?

Yes, knowing this, I would love to have Jesse back and bring my family there. My son, daughter and wife to experience this wonderful time. But I want Jesse to be my fishing guide. We hit it off personally and we had fun together. I hope you can give him free tickets to an event or give him an one day pay raise. :) He deserves it. He is so good!

What other tips or advice would you have for anyone staying near Anchorage who wants to experience Alaska fishing?

Go with FishHound Expeditions, schedule it way in advance. I was very lucky to have Jesse who knew the fish & land and he took me to the hot spots....I was shocked to see such beautiful land out in Anchorage. I even saw poison mushroom growing and he alerted me to the plants and stuff out there.

Anything else you wanted to share about your trip to Alaska? Any awesome adventures, restaurants or experiences?

Yes, great place to vacation. I want to put another plug for Jesse and FishHound Expeditions company. They were reasonably priced, excellent guide, professional, accommodating, communicated well with me, had everything in writing, exceeded my needs, and just gave me outstanding customer service. I loved my stay in Alaska.

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Would you mind sharing a few photos with us to include in the article?

Sure, here are some of my favorites!

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