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Extra Day In Anchorage - What Are Your Fishing options?

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People visit Alaska for many reasons, some come here just to fish and others come here and don't even have fishing on their radar. Alaska has many fishing opportunities whether you are coming just to fish or are trying to fill sometime in between a cruise or other planned activities. The majority of people traveling to Alaska either begin or end in Anchorage or both. Anchorage is a beautiful city but it is a city and if folks are looking to fill some free time or get another day of fishing in there are lots of fishing opportunities near Anchorage with a relative short drive or shuttle!

The River Systems Near Anchorage

The river systems that I am referring to are the Alaska Parks Highway river systems. These river systems start just a little north of Wasilla. These are crystal clear rivers that are full of life and have lots of access! These rivers offer many angling options from Leopard Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden and 4 out 5 Pacific Salmon Species (King, Pink, Chum, & Silver). These rivers are generally smaller to medium size with both wading and float options. All of these river's flow into a larger glacial river named the Susitna River which dumps into the Cook Inlet across from Anchorage. In addition to these fresh water fishing options there are also some saltwater options. Whitter, AK. is about an hour-ish drive south of Anchorage and is a jumping off point for Prince William Sound. The Sound is one of the absolute most beautiful places in the world! Huge snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and plentiful sea life. Here there is great Halibut, Cod, salmon, and Rock fish populations that make great table faire!

Fishing Options for the Adventurous - Fly Outs & Heli-Fishing

Another day trip option for folks looking for more of an adventure and remoteness is a day fly out trip! These are obviously a little more spendy than a road accessed trip but the experience that a plane or helicopter fly out fishing offer people is beyond words! There are lots of options both in the Anchorage area and a little north as well. Road accessed fishing is incredible up here but it is truly next level if you get in a heli or plane. If this is an avenue you choose just make sure you do your homework and verify with the flight service or guide service 1 the location, 2 the remoteness, and 3 communication! I've heard several horror stories from clients on other trips of paying a lot of money and getting dropped off on a lake that only offered about 50 feet of access and no means of communication or safety back up!

Beautiful Leopard Rainbow Trout caught with FishHound Expeditions
Beautiful Leopard Rainbow Trout caught with FishHound Expeditions

Have More Than a Day in Anchorage?

Hopefully when planning a trip up here you will find yourself with more than just a day to explore the greater Anchorage area. If this is the case one will definitely need wheels! Close for Alaskan standards is 3 hours! If this is the case it is definitely worth driving further south and checking out the Kenai Peninsula for fishing & adventure. It is also worth making a slightly further drive up north towards the Denali area. During our summer months we have extremely long days which allows for easy driving since it doesn't really get dark! One can take in all the great scenery and not have to worry about driving in the dark. If one finds themselves with more time and looking for a great fishing trip that is both remote but not 10 days and offers great fishing there are some great options. There are some lodges that offer shorter stays and there are also some outfitters that offer shorter multi-day float trips.

At FishHound Expeditions we do all things concerned with fresh water fishing! From half day trips, wade, float, or fly out we got you covered. We live and guide in AK year-round and love getting folks out and sharing all we've learned from our passion of chasing fins. We help folks get a perfect trip dialed in and if were not what you're looking for we help get you steered in the right direction. Alaska is our home and we pride ourselves in sharing our great state with others! Go fish!

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About the Author: Adam Cuthriell

Owner of FishHound Expeditions. His wife Kathryn Cuthriell helps him out at FishHound Expeditions as well as their dogs Hatch, Rado, and Pike. They fish, live, and guide in Alaska year-round. When not guiding on the rivers they guide ice fishing on Alaska's numerous lakes. Originally from Colorado, he began guiding at the age of 19 while receiving a degree in Outdoor Recreation Leadership. Adam is also a current state of Alaska EMT.

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