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Favorite Alaska Fishing Videos from 2023

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Posted by Jeff H on

We've made it a tradition since the first year of our My Alaskan Fishing Trip website to post our 'favorite Alaska fishing videos' from the previous year every January or so. Our content team each get a few options together and then we sort them down into our favorites…these are those but with a new twist for the 2023 videos.

We have varied the way we list them, sometimes by region or fish species, etc. This year we did it based on some of our 'Top 10 Fishing Trip' lists. We have a bunch of lists, but chose five to highlight below with great videos that show how fun an Alaska fishing trip can be. Be sure to check out all of our Top 10 Fishing Trip lists here.

Best Video of a Float Trip in Alaska: "Trip of a Lifetime"

Special award…our favorite video of the year (because of the info it gives). This video is really interesting and a good watch if you are thinking of doing a float trip. Posted by the Canal Life YouTube Channel, four first timers in Alaska planned a 100-mile trip down the Kanektok River and this catches them on day 10 of 11. They had a good discussion on what they would do differently and some tips for planning a float trip. They also mix in some solid shore fishing too.

Thinking about a float trip? - Check out our Top 10 Fishing Float Trips list will get you started.

Best Video of Remote Fishing: "Trout Fishing Blowout!"

So many anglers that check our site out are interested in getting away from crowds and this video shows why getting remote is popular. In this video from Fly Fish Dan (some other solid content from him) he is fly fishing a creek that looks fairly remote…at least no other anglers are there. He gets some nice trout on the line and has some nature shots along with a story about running into a bear or moose…he wasn’t certain.

Looking for remote fishing? - Check out our Top 10 Remote Fishing Trips.

Best Halibut Fishing Video: "Epic day of Halibut Fishing!"

This video actually covers a couple of our top ten lists…it's a charter targeting halibut, during a family fishing trip. We have Top10 lists for those three topics but chose this video for the halibut fishing. It’s got constant fish on board and some real nice halibut…really shows what a solid Alaska fishing charter trip can be.

Interested in halibut fishing? - Check out our Top 10 Halibut Fishing Charters.

Best Alaska Helicopter Fly-In Trip: "Fly Fish Remote Alaska Streams"

Getting remote is half the battle sometimes and that's why many Alaska guides and lodges offer options for helicopter fishing trips. Not too many videos out there but we liked this one because it shows the experience of flying over potential fishing spots and getting dropped off in a quiet spot for some fishing. Just a quick trout at the end of this video but the person that posted it says they will have a full length video out soon. By the way, he was referred to the helicopter service by FishHound Expeditions, a friend of our site.

Interested in helicopter fishing in Alaska? - Check out our Top 10 Alaska lodges/guides that offer helicopter fishing trips here.

Best Video of a Family Trip to Alaska: "Four Days of family camping & fishing"

This video is a little longer than our norm (just about 30 minutes) but it breaks it up in chunks of the trip so it seems quick. A family that goes by The Outdoor Boys on YouTube stays in a cabin one night and does a bunch of good fishing on their own and then camps for a few days, going out on a charter for some salmon fishing (which includes a really nice King Salmon catch). A family trip to Alaska can be different for every family but this is a nice video of what one can be and includes some good scenery shots and fishing.

Taking your family to Alaska? - Check out our list of Top 10 Alaska Family Fishing Trips.

So, there you go. The top five videos that relate to our lists of Top 10 Alaskan Fishing Trips. Each give a good overview and tips of that type of trip and great Alaska fishing.

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