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Ask the Pro's: Guided Fishing near Denali in May

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  • Hello!

    My dad, 2 brothers, and I have planned a boys trip to Alaska in mid may (arriving around the 14th). We will mainly be staying in Anchorage but plan on spending a few days around Denali National Park. We’re looking to do some fly or shore fishing in maybe both areas. We all have some experience fishing and my brother and I have gone fly fishing before, but we’re definitely still pretty novice anglers. I would consider myself to be the most experienced, but that isn’t saying a whole lot. In light of this, we’re mainly looking to hire a guide to take us out. We will be renting a car, so getting to places in a few hours drive from where we’re staying shouldn’t be an issue. If anyone has any suggestions on good places to go or guides to hire, let me know! I've done some reading, but I obviously am not from the area so anybody that is able to point me in the right direction would be a huge help!


  • The fishing in mid-May in the Denali area will be almost certainly too early. The lake in front of my cabin is typically frozen until the first days of June. The artic grayling in the Denali area begin spawning at that time, which is another reason I don't target them yet. Any of the rivers south of Denali will be too cold as well, but if you wanted to head north to Fairbanks, you would likely get into some grayling fishing on the Chena River. It's excellent fly fishing and it's just north of Fairbanks. The waters there warm up earlier and there are a number of solid fly fishing guides in Fairbanks.

    I hope this helps!


    George Rogers - Owner & Fishing Guide with Denali Angler. I’m an Alaska registered fishing guide and I’ve fly fished the Denali area since first moving to Alaska in 1992. For much of the year, I’m a science teacher, but my summers are spent fly fishing, hiking, rafting and picking blueberries with my wife and two sons in the little town of Cantwell.
  • Jack,

    Congrats on your boys trip up to Alaska! You all will enjoy the experiences Alaska has to offer. Our guide service is named FishHound Expeditions and we are located in Willow, which is about an hour and fifteen minutes north of Anchorage. We are the closest fishing to Anchorage that is a non-urban environment. We get folks out of all experience levels and are very forthcoming on getting folks info on places to get out fishing on your own as well. There are a ton of fishing options in between Anchorage and Denali and that is where we guide. Please check our reviews on Google Reviews or TripAdvisor and please reach out and we can talk fishing and Alaska!

    Cheers - Adam

    Adam Cuthriell - Part owner of FishHound Expeditions. His wife Kathryn Cuthriell and business partner Dave "Reps" Repta make up the rest of the company as well as their dogs Hatch, Rado, and Pike. They fish, live, and guide in Alaska year-round. When not guiding on the rivers they guide ice fishing on Alaska's numerous lakes. Originally from Colorado, he began guiding at the age of 19 while receiving a degree in Outdoor Recreation Leadership. Adam is also a current state of Alaska EMT.
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