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The Most Popular Articles of 2015

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Posted by Jeff H on

The team at My Alaskan Fishing Trip worked hard this past year to continue and provide you, the visitors to the site, with information that can help plan your next Alaskan fishing trip. So, looking back on the year, we wanted to highlight the three most popular blog articles...

1. Best Places in the World for a Fly Fishing Vacation

Sweetwaters Mongolia Taimen Fishing Camp
Fly-Fishing for 40-inch Taimen with Sweetwaters Mongolia Taimen Fishing Camp

This popular article covers more than just Alaska fly-fishing and that is probably why it's so popular. Eight of the best lodges and fly-fishing experiences from around the world are highlighted in this article. The No-See Um Lodge is the Alaskan representative but the article covers lodges from Iceland and Mongolia down to Mexico and Brazil along with many locations in between.

We love this article because of the information on different locations but also because of some outstanding images of the different areas.

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2. Fly-Fishing Alaska for the Mighty Chum Salmon

Chum Salmon

The author of this article wanted to tackle a fish species that frequently targeted but still underrated - the Chum Salmon, also known as the Calico Salmon. The article gives a quick overview of the Salmon Run and why the species is underrated before it moves into some of the authors favorite flies for being successful when targeting this species.

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3. Fly-Fishing for Salmon in the Bristol Bay Watershed

The Nushagak River is famous for King Salmon fly-fishing
The Nushagak River is famous for King Salmon fly-fishing

Odds are; if you are interested in fly-fishing for Salmon in Alaska, then you probably already know about the Bristol Bay Watershed. The author of this blog post notes that this region, more than any other region on the planet, has the largest Runs of Salmon returning to its streams every year. The world famous Alagnak River is highlighted here because all five species of Salmon can be targeted and the post details timing and tactics for each.

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What's to look forward to in 2016?

Our content team is already working on new articles for 2016, including tips on how to "floss" for Sockeye Salmon and advice on picking a fly-fishing guide along with some Ask the Pros answers that are already being tackled. To stay up to date on when new content is added, please register for our email newsletter or follow our Twitter page.

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