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Remote Fly Out & Heli-Fishing Day Trips out of Anchorage

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For many visitors Anchorage is the gateway to Alaska where they pass through and spend a couple days on either end of their Alaska adventure. For those visitors that are on sightseeing, adventure & just want to take in the beauty of Alaska for a week or two many might want to think about try experiencing the incredible Alaska fishing they’ve heard about before they leave & go back home. This type of visitor may have spent a couple weeks on an Alaska Railroad Adventure, exploring Denali National Park, cruising through the Inside Passage in Southeast Alaska or just found a nice quiet place to relax and take in the beauty of Alaska. Those are all incredible vacations but what if you took once of those trips but had an extra day or two in Anchorage before heading back home and wanted to experience a remote Alaska fly-fishing experience?

Guided Fishing Day Trip Options out of Anchorage

So there is no real fly-fishing in Anchorage itself but there are plenty of fishing opportunities within a couple hours drive of Anchorage and you can also opt for a remote fly-in to non-road accessible remote Alaska fishing. You could fish the Alaska Parks Highway on a DIY trip but the fishing would be mostly DIY and require you to have your own fishing gear so your best option is going to be to find some guided fishing which will provide you with fishing gear, flies, and year of local fishing knowledge.

So for guided fishing day trips out of Anchorage your two main options are going to be to drive 1-2 hours out of Anchorage and spend a half or full day fly-fishing and Alaska fishing guide or to find a remote fly-in fishing experience out of Anchorage. There is plenty of incredible guided fishing opportunities to be had by driving an hour or two out of Anchorage. To the North your best option for guided fly-fishing would be the town of Willow, Alaska and the tributaries the Susitna River Drainage. If you head South about 2 hours of Anchorage you’ll have access to endless fishing guides & fishing options on the Kenai Peninsula. The Kenai Peninsula is home to the Kenai River, Kasilof River, Russian River and countless tributaries of these that all offer incredible fly fishing.

These are both fantastic options for a fishing day trip out of Anchorage…however if you want to maximize your time and experience a remote Alaska fly-in fishing adventure you should definitely at least consider looking into a remote fly-in Adventure right out of Anchorage.

Remote Anchorage Fly Outs & Heli-Fishing

Many visitors to Alaska don’t even realize the option exists to do a remote day trip one day overnight fly-in adventure from Anchorage. There are two main fly out options float plane or helicopter. The main difference is heli-fishing will generally get you even more options as a helicopter has many more option to land so you can access smaller creeks and waters than you would be able to from a float plane…but both offer incredible fly-in fishing opportunities. Some of these will fly right out of Anchorage itself and for some you might need to drive an hour or so out of Anchorage to a smaller airport for your adventure. To get to that smaller airport you can either hop in a quick plane out of Anchorage or get there by car which option you choose depends on how many time you have in Anchorage and how much money you want to spend.

The experience that fly out fishing offers is beyond words! Just the experience of seeing Alaska from a float plane or helicopter is a bucket list adventure for most visitors to Alaska! But imagine pairing that with a day of remote Alaska fishing on a small creek or river that has no road access and can only be accessed by helicopter? Helicopters can land nearly anywhere, from tiny gravel bars to remote alpine they can give you access to Alaska's countless creeks, rivers and lakes that would be otherwise inaccessible.

Questions to Ask Before Booking an Achorage Fly-Out or Heli-Fishing Day Trip

Is this a guided fishing trip?

If you are going to do a one day fly-out from Anchorage we definitely recommend a guided trip where you have an experienced fishing guide with you. You can do unguided trips where they drop you off and you fish by yourself for the day before getting picked up later. If you are going to go with this option be sure to ask what type of communication you have back to the air service that dropped you off should you run into any issues or questions throughout the day.

Where will we be fishing? How remote is it?

If you are going to be paying for a remote fishing adventure make sure they are not just flying you into waters you could access by car and that this is truly a remote fishing experience away from the crowds.

What will we be fishing for?

Make sure to ask what type of fish you’ll be targeting? You can generally choose from any of the five species of Pacific Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Char & Arctic Grayling. Some of these are available year round and some are only available at certain times of the year. For this type of trip I would recommend going with whatever the guide/outfitter thinks is the best option for consistent action is the time of year you are going. While it’s great to hook into a trophy fish you only have a day or two with this option so your best bet is to enjoy the experience and enjoy hooking into some fish and not stress over trying to hook into a trophy sized fish.

Anchorage Fly-In Day & Overnight Trips with Tal-Adventures Lodge

Skip the crowd and the competition with Tal-Adventures Lodge - heli-fish/raft in remote Alaskan waters accessible only by helicopter. For those looking for a quick getaway to experience remote Alaska, guests looking for a quick getway from Anchorage can choose from a day trip or an overnight trip where they fly in, stay overnight and then are back in Anchorage by the next evening. Experience what it's like to fish in a remote Alaska river with all five species of Pacific Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Artic Grayling & more with close to zero fishing pressure. There is simply no other destination like the Talachulitna "Tal" River.

With Tal-Adventures Lodge you take a short helicopter flight from the town of Willow a little over an hour north of Anchorage by car. Once in Willow you'll head to Willow Airport and take a 30 minute helicopter ride to Tal-Adventures Lodge…while in the air, you'll catch aerial views of the Little Susitna River, the Skwentna River, the Yentna River and on a clear day, you will easily see breathtaking views of Sleeping Lady (Mount Susitna) and Denali Mountain (Mt. McKinley). For those guests that are pressed for time or just want a different option you can also fly out of Anchorage Lake Hood for an additional charge.

Once you arrive at Tal-Adventures Lodge expect experienced guides, flight crew, and hosts ensure every aspect of your trip and your stay is attended to with personalized service. Enjoy authentic outdoor adventures and rustic, cozy comforts served with Alaskan hospitality for an unforgettable experience. In additonal to fantastic fishing options Tal-Adventures Lodge also offers many other adventures such as heli-hikes, glacier hikes, heli-skiing, whitewater rafting, breathtaking flightseeing and so much more. Contact Tal-Adventures to learn more about Day Trip & Overnight Trip Options.

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