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Alaska Fly Fishing

For outdoor enthusiasts, Alaska is one of the remaining vast frontiers offering endless hours of exploration and discovery. From mountain climbing and hiking national parks to whale watching or driving a dog sled over snowy terrain, Alaska is a prime destination for the adventurer.

Alaska is also one of the best locations in the world for fishing for a variety of species. Salmon fishing is abundant with five Pacific species inhabiting the waters from May to September. For cooler options, learn the best techniques for ice fishing on frozen lakes.

You'll also have flyfishing opportunities for exceptional rainbow trout from the Kenai River weighing in from 5-10 pounds and surfcasting from the ocean shoreline for halibut. Add rockfish, Arctic char, lingcod, sockeye, grayling, northern pike, and more, to your list for a complete fishing experience throughout the year.

Alaska Fishing Checklist

Veteran fishermen will tell you before you pack your bags, it's a good idea to make a check list. With a list in hand, it's easier to lay out an itinerary so you get the most from your vacation time. Your list should include the basics such as:

  • What type of fishing are you're interested in. Do you prefer casting from shore, fishing rivers and streams with waders, fishing from a 16-foot drift dory or 55-foot party boat, or experiencing ice fishing on frozen lakes.
  • Selecting particular fish you're interested in pursuing. King or Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Artic char, and Artic grayling are among the most popular.
  • Time of year you'll be visiting.
  • Do you prefer fishing in a remote area of Alaska.
  • Do you prefer fishing near a more populated area.
  • Are there other activities you'd like to include in your fishing vacation.
  • Do you plan to camp, rent a cabin, stay in a hostel, or reserve accommodations at one of the Alaska fishing lodges.

Remote Camping

For those who prefer the quiet solitude of fishing with just a couple of friends or family, remote camping in one of the state's national parks is the ultimate experience. Bring your gear, pitch a tent, and cook your well-deserved catch over a fragrant campfire.

Plan a remote outing with local air charter services that can be booked for a day of fishing on unspoiled and uncrowded rivers and streams, or for multiple days or a week. Some offer fishing trips to areas with little to no angler traffic. These services may come with a base camp or Quonset hut for a true outdoor adventure.

If you prefer a few of the necessities of home, rental cabins provide both a remote and quiet location as well as the basic amenities for a comfortable place to eat and sleep. Rental options are available through the U.S. Forest Service at a reasonable per day cost. Choose a national or state park, preserve, or forest such as Tongass, Chugach, Gates of the Arctic, Wrangell-St Elias, or Denali where the rivers run deep and the streams are brimming with fish.

Hostels offer another alternative to those interested in a nontraditional vacation that focuses on individual activities, quiet and clean accommodations without any frills, and minimal contact with other guests.

Alaska Fishing Lodges

For the ultimate vacation experience, reserving a room at one of the luxury Alaska fishing lodges will satisfy your every need and expectation.

Making a reservation at one of the many exceptional Alaska fishing lodges allows you to focus on your trip without any stress. Along with beautifully decorated lodge rooms with all the amenities, you'll also have access to onsite dining.

If you're on an extended fishing trip, consider staying at more than one lodge. This allows fishing in more than one area and for different species of fish.

Check each fishing lodge for additional amenities such as a rental boat to explore area waters on your own, transportation to and from fishing locations, and a guide to accompany you on each outing to provide helpful tips about equipment, bait and lures. Having someone along that knows the waters and understands what it takes to land a fish is a good choice especially for those new to Alaska fishing.

With a well planned itinerary and a fishing lodge that focuses on customer satisfaction, you'll enjoy every day without the worry of shopping for and preparing food, transportation, or cleaning your room. With the extra time, you'll be free to experience other activities like white water rafting, sea kayaking, scenic helicopter rides around the mountains, or participating in an exciting bear safari.

Fishing Opportunities

Alaska's vast terrain offers unlimited opportunities to explore nature and view wildlife while enjoying the pleasures of fishing. With year-round fishing seasons and locations to choose from, you'll have miles of scenic landscape featuring pristine waterfalls, clear streams, ocean depths, frozen ice, and populated rivers, to show off your fishing skills and techniques.

Whether you're arriving by plane, cruise ship, or over-the-road, plan ahead. Complete your check list, choose your accommodations, schedule tours, and make reservations well in advance to ensure your visit to Alaska is one to remember.

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