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Walk & Wade Fishing in Alaska - Get Away From the Crowds

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Alaska and fishing are synonymous with each other! The angling opportunities here could fill many lifetimes over and over and there would still be more. One of the best ways to take advantage of these opportunities is with ones own 2 feet. Hiking a river gives an angler the time to work it thoroughly and experience it at one's own pace. There are some rivers where a boat is a necessity but there are also countless smaller streams and rivers where a boat is overkill. The rivers and tactics being discussed are located in southcentral Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula.

Why You Should Consider Walk & Wade Fishing on Your Alaska Trip

Most walk/hike trips in Alaska are more single day adventures as opposed to multi-day hike in fishing trips though, some of those opportunities to exist but primarily involve lake fishing. However, there are many, many locations where one can car camp, tent, or utilize an RV and then hike in too many different sections of a river. Anglers visiting our great state should definitely consider at least a day or two of hike in fishing in addition to a float fishing trip and a fly in fishing trip. Some of my fondest moments in angling didn't involve a plane or helicopter but meeting up with some buddies at an easily accessible area camping by a river and walking up and down it. Visiting some of these smaller systems will provide anglers more solidarity than some of the more famous boat accessed rivers.

Some of My Favorite Photos From Walk & Wade Fly-Fishing in Alaska

Getting Off the Beaten Path - Safety & Things to Keep in Mind

Anglers who choose to get off the beaten path and venture out should keep in mind a couple things when they are preparing to head out. Being geared up correctly is a must here in AK. Weather can change quickly, very quickly…it may start out nice, sunny, and warm and then moments later be pouring rain and barely 50 degrees. Carrying a small pack with a warm layer and definitely a GOOD rain jacket is a must. One should also either know if their phone has coverage and if not bring some sort of communication device. In the jungle that is AK. It is easy to roll an ankle or hurt a knee as bush whacking is a normal part of hike in fishing here. Carrying some sort of animal protection is also a good idea. A fire arm is good as long as one has proper training and practice, if not bear spray is a great option. Another item that gets over looked a lot is a small air horn. Carrying a small air horn and using it to let your presence be known is an effective way to travel safely in thick wooded country.

Benefits of Hiring a Guide

Hiring a local guide is always a good idea when traveling to a new different place. Gaining local insight and up to date info of what when and where is worth it's weight in gold and truly makes the most of one's time. But, venturing off by one's self is also fun and can be successful by doing research and talking to people both in person and using the internet. I personally recommend doing a little of column A and column B. Most guides are friendly and enjoy sharing knowledge of spots to fish especially after being hired for a trip or 2!

Best Places For Walk & Wade Fishing in Alaska

Some great options for hike in fishing on the Kenai Peninsula are Quartz Creek, Jim's Creek, Crescent Creek, and the Russian River. In these smaller systems one will find clear water where sight fishing options abound in every riffle and bend! Anglers more than likely won't catch a 30-inch trout here but can have amazing fishing for bows behind spawning salmon. In addition, one will find great Dolly Varden action and some Arctic Grayling as well. Some of these smaller systems allow for salmon fishing while others do not, so make sure to consult the regulations before you hit the water. Other great options for hike in fishing is north of Anchorage on the Alaska Parks Highway. Here anglers will drive over many rivers if you're interested check out this great article by Mike Brown from Mossy's Fly Shop on fishing along the Alaska Parks Highway. Where the highway cross's these rivers are pull outs to park and fish. One can walk up or down and have many opportunities for Rainbow Trout, Dolly's, Arctic Grayling, and Salmon! I've enjoyed many days on all these river systems both guiding and for my own personal fishing. In my years guiding and fishing here I've become extremely spoiled fishing super remote areas; however, I always find myself grinning ear to ear beating the trail on these easily accessed areas!

Guided Walk & Wade Fishing with FishHound Expeditions

At FishHound Expeditions we love sharing our local knowledge of our river systems and areas not as well known to provide our guests with an awesome hike in experience! We offer full and half day wade trips. All gear, tackle, and flies are included. On full day trips we also include lunch and drinks. For those really wanting to get off the beaten path we offer single day helicoper accessed wade fishing!

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About the Author: Adam Cuthriell

Owner of FishHound Expeditions. His wife Kathryn Cuthriell helps him out at FishHound Expeditions as well as their dogs Hatch, Rado, and Pike. They fish, live, and guide in Alaska year-round. When not guiding on the rivers they guide ice fishing on Alaska's numerous lakes. Originally from Colorado, he began guiding at the age of 19 while receiving a degree in Outdoor Recreation Leadership. Adam is also a current state of Alaska EMT.

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