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Alaska Offshore Adventures
  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $1,000 to $2,000 Per Person
    4 - 5 Days: $1,000 to $2,000 Per Person
    2 - 3 Days: $500 to $1,000 Per Person
  • Type: Lodges
  • Fishing: Guided Fishing Saltwater Fishing

Alaska Offshore Adventures features a Prince of Wales Island fishing adventure with some of the best saltwater fishing in Alaska. The lodge has over 4000 square feet of space and boasts a luxury grade stay. The lodge sits just outside of Klawock, Alaska and holds up to six guests. Meals are served family style. Rooms are nicely styled and appointed, and the private bathrooms have a shower with hot water.

Fishing with Alaska Offshore Adventures

Fishing is self-guided. As for the fish, This area of Alaska offers all five species of Pacific Salmon. These are Halibut waters too and where you have such large predators you have other fish. Expect to have the opportunity to fish for plenty of Rock Fish.

Fishing for Salmon and Halibut

Your options are to troll or chum. Trolling works well for salmon, and either works well for Halibut. A little secret about Halibut fishing is that if you opt to chum, use salmon heads. The Halibut cannot resist Salmon heads.

This is King Salmon territory and the 20-30 pound Chinook are abundant. It is not too uncommon for a 50-70 pound salmon to be landed. This is also a great area for CoHo Salmon or the Silver Salmon. These are smaller than King Salmon, but show up in greater number. As for Rock Fish, expect to find Black Bass, Ling Cod, Snappers, and other Cod. The Halibut fishing here is good. Chickens (under 100 pounds) and Barn Doors (Over 100 pounds) can round out your fishing adventure with Alaska Offshore Adventures.

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