My Alaskan Fishing Trip
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Alaskan Angler's Inn
  • Approximate Cost:
    4 - 5 Days: $3,000 to $4,000 Per Person
  • Type: Lodges
  • Fishing: Guided Fishing Saltwater Fishing

Alaska Angler's Inn offers guest a five-day fully guided fishing adventures based out of Gustavus, Alaska. The lodge sits at the gateway to Glacier Bay National Park and feature a beautiful compound with comfortable accommodations. Guests enjoy amenities such as pool tables, Satellite TV, High Speed Internet. The lodge features rooms for up to 30 guests. Rooms feature comfortable queen size beds and satellite TV. The out cabins feature kitchenettes. Guest enjoy a basic room with plenty of opportunities to fish and relax.

The Saltwater Fishing Trip and Charters

When it comes to fishing for halibut and big King Salmon, then Alaska's Angler's Inn is the place to start that adventure. The local waters are fish rich and offer guests amazing adventures battling huge Barn Door Halibut and massive King Salmon.

To put this into perspective, a Barn Door Halibut weighs over 100 pounds and is roughly the size of a grown man. That is an amazing amount of fish to battle. Halibut are flat fish, and they are powerful. By the time, you have worn down a halibut your arms are shaking, and your heart is pounding. It often takes two people to drag a halibut on board. That is the adventure that pulls fishermen to Alaska every year.

Other Fish you Might Enjoy

The King Salmon are awesome too, but in addition are the Silver Salmon which are amazing fighters too. If you thought the Halibut were large, try batting a Salmon Shark. Yes, shark. These massive predators can reach 500-700 pounds.

During an a day, you might encounter a wide variety of fish. The Yellow Eye, Cods, and Bass are fun to catch. If you wear yourself out catching Halibut, try to target the Rockfish. These are excellent to eat, and they are fun to catch. A local predator is the Lingcod that is not a Cod at all. These blue fleshed fish are amazingly good to eat, and they are wicked to fight. As soon as you see one you will understand why they are fun. They have a long, lean body that is all muscle. They have teeth that are long and dagger like. Their mouths are huge and designed to hold larger fish as they tear them apart.

The Bottom Line

Alaska Angler's Inn offers guests the Alaskan fishing adventure that fishermen the world over want. If you have the fishing bug, then this is the place to satisfy your saltwater fishing dream. The charters are good; the fishing is excellent, and a good tip is to not discard those king salmon heads. Instead, use them for chum to attract the halibut. Halibut love salmon as much as you do, and a good day of salmon fishing makes the best bait to pull in good sized halibut.

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