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Alaska's Legend Lodge
  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $5,500 to $6,000 Per Person
  • Type: Lodges
  • Fishing: Fly Fishing Freshwater Fishing Guided Fishing

Alaska's Legend Lodge sits amid salmon-rich fishing grounds on the Alaska Peninsula. The lodge is located within the Bristol Bay fishery about 250 to the Southwest of Anchorage. This is a place to get a personal glimpse of how nature works. The area is rich in salmon, including Silvers, Sockeye, and the massive King Salmon. The lodge is beautifully located on the shore of Intricate Bay, one of the greatest fisheries in the world. The Lodge is rustic but comfortable, and the focus is on intense fishing. Note: The lodge does not provide equipment so guests will have to bring everything they need in order to fish. Meals are home cooked and served family style. Expect good food and good company.

Opportunity Abounds; and the Water is thick with fish.

During the salmon runs the Silvers and Sockeye are so thick in the local streams that you could probably just pick them up with your hands. In the larger rivers, they are also easy to catch. Fly fishing here is about more than just the easy targets, its about the trophy fish that also exist here. The lodge sits a mere 15 minutes by plane from Lake Iliamna and a quick 15 minute boat ride to the Copper River. This is where trophy Rainbows are found. 10-18 pound Rainbow Trout are not uncommon. The waters themselves offer a variety of fish species from Arctic Char and Arctic Grayling to the monster of them all, the King Salmon. The Gibraltar River and lake are also a short distance and offer outstanding opportunities for Rainbows and Salmon. Daily fly outs to other remote locations are available as well.

Fly Fishing Amid the Splendor

It is as much the environment here as it is the fishing that makes Alaska's Legend Lodge such a wonderful destination. In June, Rainbows the river fish are hungry. The salmon have not yet arrived, and the diet is mostly aquatic insects. Dry flies and wet flies work well to entice the granddaddy Rainbows to strike. Northern Pike is present too, and they will happily oblige when offered a mouse fly or a streamer. By late June, the Kings are entering the fishery and the diet changes from insects to salmon roe. Reds, pinks, oranges and green flies work to attract the rainbows who swim with the monster salmon to eat their eggs. By mid-July, the Arctic Char and Arctic Grayling are hungry too. The salmon are the lifecycle of the entire fishery. Everything here depends on the salmon and the salmon roe. By August, the Silvers are here, and this is an opportunity for which fly fishermen should vie. Dry and Wet flies work well on silvers who have an amazing strike followed by an outstanding fight. September is a rich month when all the fish are hungry and present.

Nushagak King Salmon Camp and Extra Adventures

Alaska's Legend Lodge offers an outstanding opportunity to fish for salmon on the Nushagak River. Expect Kinds over 25 pounds and an opportunity to limit out. They say fishermen can catch up to 20 kings per day. The camp is pleasantly comfortable and the food is great. The lodge also offers a Silver camp and hunting excursion for Duck, Spruce and Ptarmigan. Bird hunting at its finest. Bring your own gun. The lodge will provide a guide, dog and decoys as needed.

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