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Crystal Bay Lodge
  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $2,000 to $3,000 Per Person
    4 - 5 Days: $1,000 to $2,000 Per Person
  • Type: Lodges
  • Fishing: Fly Fishing Freshwater Fishing Guided Fishing Saltwater Fishing Self Guided Fishing

Crystal Bay Lodge holds only ten guests at any given time. This means that guests receive personal attention from staff and guides. The lodge is located on Crystal Bay in Petersburg, Alaska, which is located along the Inside Passage in Southeastern Alaska. The lodge is easy to get to as the town of Petersburg is a twice daily service point for Alaska Airlines.

Guests enjoy a comfortable lodge and rooms. Beds feature Pillowtop mattresses, private bathrooms, hot water, 24-hour electricity, a laundry facility, and in-room heaters. The main areas of the lodge include two great rooms with fireplaces, large wrap-around deck TV and lounge. Expect to find a nicely equipped lodge with friendly staff and beautiful views.

Fishing with Crystal Bay Lodge

The Lodge offers self-guided or guided fishing adventures. The Inside Passage is a calm and protected area so the water remains fairly placid and makes a great place for fishing on your own. The benefit of self-guided fishing is that you set your own agenda. If you want to specifically target big fish, then use a guide. It is a lot of work to battle a 200-400 pound Halibut and a guide's help comes in handy. Also, the guides know a lot about the local waters so they know where you will most likely find the big Halibut.

The best time to fish for King Salmon is May-July. For Halibut, the best time is May-October. Red and Chum Salmon peak from mid-June through mid-August. Silver Salmon are peaking from mid-July through the end of October.

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