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Hoodoo Sport Fishing Lodge
  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $5,500 to $6,000 Per Person
  • Type: Lodges
  • Fishing: Fly Fishing Freshwater Fishing Guided Fishing

Hoodoo Sport Fishing Lodge is located at the extreme northwestern tip of the Aleutian Peninsula, on privately owned land overlooking the Hoodoo River. Situated in a stunning natural setting, it's surrounded by the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge. The Hoodoo River is one of the only places where fly fishing for King Salmon is suitable.
Owner Rod Schuh, a commercial pilot with thousands of bush flight hours, pilots all the lodge's aircraft. He also holds two state game licenses, and owns two other lodges '“ experience and expertise that enhances the operations at Hoodoo, a family-run business.

Our backyard is one of the most remote places on earth where you will enjoy fly fishing without the presence of any other lodges, anglers, or competition for prime water

The lodge is located on the only privately owned land on the Hoodoo River, which runs 35 miles from Hoodoo Lake into the Bering Sea. A mere 10 miles from the ocean, its proximity to salt water makes it a great location to snag target fish at their most vibrant and energetic. Its status as the only lodge on the river makes it very difficult for anyone else to travel to its location '“ which means less company and competition while angling.

At Hoodoo Sport Fishing we combine luxury accommodations among the wilds of America’s last frontier

Meet the wild residents, and marvel at a magnificent landscape of mountains, volcanoes, crystal clear waters, glaciers and fjords. Fish to your heart's content while letting the lodge take care of the details. No need to bring equipment unless you'd like to '“ guides will share their conventional and fly equipment, as well as their hard-won knowledge, to help you land an enviable catch.
After a challenging and rewarding day on the river, return to the lodge to rest your feet on carpeted hardwood floors. Whet your appetite for a great meal with a beverage from the wet bar. Prepare for the next day's adventure with a good night's sleep in a comfortable room, complete with adjustable thermostat. The lodge also provides daily maid service and a laundry room.

Fishing at the lodge is fast and furious for Kings, Silvers, Reds, and Chums, with very few Pinks in between

The lodge is able to offer unique angling opportunities, owing to its close proximity to salt water and a solid Chum Salmon run. Chum Salmon in this area average 15 pounds and are especially strong fighters when caught just entering fresh water from the sea, as is the case on the Hoodoo River.
There's also incredible fishing for ocean fresh King, Sockeye, and Silver Salmon. These are vigorous fish in their piscine prime - not spent, spawning fish near the end of their lives. They are spirited salmon that will exhilarate any angler.
The Hoodoo is home to larger, fresher, and denser Coho populations than those in most other areas of Alaska. The waters are incredibly crowded with Chinooks in June and July. In late July and early August there are still good numbers of late season Chinook and Sockeye, the Chum and Pink seasons are at their peak, and the Cohos begin to appear. At this time it's possible to catch all five species in the same day!

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