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Kenai Adventure Lodge
  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $2,500 to $3,000 Per Person
    4 - 5 Days: $1,500 to $2,000 Per Person
    2 - 3 Days: $1,500 to $2,000 Per Person
  • Type: Lodges
  • Fishing: Fly Fishing Freshwater Fishing Guided Fishing Saltwater Fishing

The Kenai Adventure Lodge sits along the banks of the Kenai River near Soldotna. The lodge is beautifully constructed. It is as beautiful inside as it is outside. The hand-hewn log lodge is comfortable and hospitable. Best of all, the Kenai Adventure Lodge is a mere 30 minutes from the Kenai airport.

Each of the guest rooms features a private bath and can sleep 3+ guests. The lodge itself range over 6000 square feet and holds six guests. There are common areas that are found on all three stories and makes an excellent retreat for families or corporate trips. Staying here includes breakfast and a boxed lunch.

Fishing the Kenai River For Trophy Sized Fish

The Kenai River is known the world over as the river for sports fishermen. These fish-rich waters are teaming with life. The largest fish is the King Salmon which begins its spawning run in May and peaks during the June and July. Average King Salmon weights range from 35-45 pounds. The Silver Salmon begin in mid-July and peak during August and into September. The Silvers are probably the favorite species of sports fish simply for the tenacity and fight. The Kenai is also home to large Rainbow Trout. The trout follow the salmon in hopes of feasting on salmon roe.

Saltwater Fishing for Pacific Halibut

May through September is the best time to sports fish for Halibut. Halibut charters leave from Ninilchik and Homer. Homer is the halibut capital of the world. A good sized Halibut is 50 pounds. By local terms, that is referred to as a "Chicken" an even better catch is what the locals refer to as a "barn door." That is a halibut that weighs over 100 pounds. While that might seem massive, these flat fish can reach weights of over 1000 pounds. The record for Alaska sports fishermen is 495 pounds. That is a lot of fish. A 200 pound Halibut is as tall as a man and wider. Imagine trying to fight and land a monster that was larger than you are. That, my friend, is why they call this sports fishing!

Kenai Adventure Lodge "Other" Activities

There is plenty to do around the Kenai River. The wildlife offers outstanding views. Watch bears fish. Watch eagles snatch salmon away from the bears. Watch the medium sized mammals clean up the remains from the bear. There is also the landscape that is beyond amazing. Tour the Kenai Fjords or take a kayak trip through the Kenia or nearby streams. The Kenai Adventure Lodge welcomes guests of all ages. There is plenty to do here for fishermen and their entire family.

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