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Midnight Sun Trophy Pike Adventures

Midnight Sun Trophy Pike Adventures
  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $3,500 to $4,000 Per Person
  • Type: Lodges
  • Fishing: Fly Fishing Freshwater Fishing Guided Fishing

Midnight Sun offers trophy pike adventures in Western Alaska on the back sloughs of one of Alaska's greatest rivers; the Yukon. The lodge is unique as it is a refurbished rustic houseboat with a luxury feel and an at-home atmosphere. You will find the Midnight Sun 310 miles due West of Anchorage on the Yukon. Expect to troll the 210 mile slow moving river where the environment has come together to create a haven for Northern Pike. These monster predators are smart, fast, and they fight like nothing else. Pike size along the Yukon range from 10 to 40 pounds. Don't expect to kick-it on the houseboat for your whole adventure. The lodge sits amid a number of choice fishing habitats and fight-fishing trips easily land you on the Kuskokwim or the Lower Yukon drainage where you may encounter something fiercer than a pike... a Sheefish.

Guides, Rivers and 60 inch fish

The guides are both owners, Greg and Scott. Both are licensed and have been fishing these waters for decades. Both offer a wealth of experience in Alaska fishing and hunting. There are more in them there waters then monster Pike and monster Sheefish, both guides will show you the best fishing adventure you can find. Expect to find Pike up to 40-50 inches in length and Sheefish up to 60 inches in length... that's 5 feet long. Seasonal variations in the waters include King Salmon, which can weight over 100 pounds and Silver Salmon that excellent fighters. The Silver Salmon is nearly equal to Sheefish for striking and fight. The Midnight Sun is your destination for monsters of the Western Alaska waterways.

Monsters of the Yukon

Pike are amazingly versatile fish. They patrol in search of prey. They wait and hide and then ambush their prey. They out swim their prey. They play with their prey... the key word here is prey. These are monster predators with over 700 teeth and a mouth big enough to take in your entire fist. Just when you think it is safe to venture into the water another predator appears. The Sheefish is a member of the whitefish family, and it is known as the Tarpon of the North. It has only one aim in life, and that is to eat. It will strike a fly with enough force to rip the pole right out of your grasp. It if you set the hook expect to see these fish breach the water. Their fight is amazing and Western Alaska has some of the world's best Sheefish fisheries. Just when you are hooked, the Sheefish is a whitefish, and it goes great with chips and beer.

Fishing Adventures with the Midnight Sun

Fishing with the Midnight Sun is outstandingly amazing. The guide to fishermen ratio is 1:2. You fish from customized skiffs that offer casting platforms. The smaller motorized skiffs take you up and down the river to the best fishing spots. This adventure is akin to deep-sea fishing for Tarpon. Pedestal seats and monster sized fish await you. If adventure fishing is something that interests you, the Midnight Sun offers guided tent camping tours. These rustic adventures set you down in the remote wilderness of Western Alaska where a base camp is established, and the fishing is rich. Experience six days of wild Alaska with experienced guides who know how to find the monsters.

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