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Deneki Outdoors - Rapids Camp Lodge

Rapids Camp Lodge
  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $5,500 to $6,000 Per Person
    4 - 5 Days: $4,500 to $5,000 Per Person
    2 - 3 Days: $3,500 to $4,000 Per Person
  • Type: Lodges
  • Fishing: Fly Fishing Freshwater Fishing Guided Fishing

Rapids Camp Lodge offers its guests a five-star luxury stay in the heart of wild Bristol Bay. The focus here is on personally designed fishing expeditions. There are four planes for fly-out fishing trips and nine experienced and wonderful guides. The lodge is home to up to 20 guests per week and features top quality gear, great food, and a whole lot of fishing.

Bristol Bay and Trophy Rainbow Trout

This is a fly fisherman's paradise. Many of the local streams, such as the small Copper River, are catch and release only rivers. This means that the fish are huge. Try your hand at the 18 pound rainbows that live here. Rainbows are part of the Salmon cycle. They swim with the Kings, Silvers and Red Salmon in hopes of dining on salmon roe. The catch and release program means that these fish are huge. Fly fishermen enjoy the battle between a 30 inch Trophy Rainbow Trout that weighs 18 pounds. This is trophy fishing at its best.

Salmon Fishing in Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay Water Shed offers all five species of Pacific Salmon. The king salmon show up earliest and can be found in the water as early as May. They hit their peak between June and mid-July. The Reds swarm up the rivers in July and in numbers that will overwhelm you. Expect to see millions of Red in July. Reds are one of the best eating salmon too. They are plentiful, but not so easy to catch legally. They are so thick you can pick them up with your hands. The trick to catching Reds is to place the fly at their eye level and fish in the riffles. Those reds that are lounging in the shallows are not interested in striking a fly. The ones that have queued up in the riffles are active enough to strike. By August, the Silvers have reached their peak. These are awesome salmon to target. They fight and jump and display like few other salmon species do.

Fly Out Adventures

There are many wonderful fishing locations within or near Bristol Bay Water Shed. Talk with the lodge about the type of fish that you want to target. The local rivers offer something different for each guest. The run times are just slightly different too. If you want to target trophy rainbows then, the smaller clear bottom streams are ideal. If you are looking for a Trophy King Salmon then, the larger, faster rivers might be the place to head. If you want to experience the amazing Dolly Varden Char, then special streams with nice riffles, and clear water are ideal.

Whatever your goal is, the crew at Rapids Camp Lodge will make it happen. They enjoy the fact that their guests help in setting up an itinerary for the day. To experience the best Alaskan Fishing Adventure, guests have to communicate with their guides. The guides, have to be willing to listen to what the guests want to do. Together you afford each other the best time possible. The guides know where the fish are, and the guests know what they want. That is a big difference here at Rapids Camp Lodge; they are willing to listen and then make your adventure one you never forget. They offer a lot to their guests, and luxury digs are only the beginning.

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