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Silverking Lodge

80 Reviews - TripAdvisor® Traveler Rating
Silverking Lodge
  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $2,500 to $3,000 Per Person
  • Type: Lodges
  • Fishing: Saltwater Fishing Self Guided Fishing

Silverking Lodge is a short 20-miles northwest of Ketchikan and sits on Grant Island. This is a self-guided fishing lodge for anglers who wish to target Salmon, Halibut, and Rock Fish.

Guests are housed in rustic styled rooms with two twin beds and plenty of hot water for showers. The living area includes a fireplace, games, and satellite TV. self-guided fishing opportunities are paired with professional and friendly staff and services during your all-inclusive stay.

Fishing with Silverking Lodge

Guests of the lodge receive a short orientation that includes boat operation, and fishing techniques for the local waterways. The waters around Grant Island are calm, and the island is perfectly situated to create ocean corridors that the Salmon use to find their spawning rivers. What that means for fishermen is the waters around the island are rich with Salmon.

There is a relationship between Alaska and the Salmon. Many ecosystems are driven by the salmon cycle. For saltwater fishing that means that when the salmon are preparing to head upstream, the Halibut are closer to shore and hunting. Since this is a self-guided fishing adventure, it becomes important to understand how the fish her behave. One of the key points is that when the salmon are about to head into freshwater they school. So you find them all over the place and not just in the hot spots. You also want to look for areas with underwater structures because that is where the salmon like to rest. Follow the tides, because Rock Fish and Salmon will be resting behind an object facing the flow of water. That is where the water is the calmest, and they spend the least amount of energy.

The Fish, and the Seasons

A lot of fishermen focus on King Salmon, which begin to group in early May. Kings are fun because they can be huge. The Alaskan record for King Salmon is 126 pounds. The only thing that dwarfs King Salmon is the Pacific Halibut. The record for a sports caught Halibut is just shy of 500 pounds. Most Halibut are in the 30-150 pound range, but there is a good chance of battling a 200-300-pound fish.

The Silver Salmon are also a popular target because they are insane when you set the hook. If you get one to the surface, they will breach and twist as they put on an acrobatic display. Once you battle a Silver Salmon, you may be tainted as everything else may seem boring. Expect Silvers up to 20 pounds, which seems small next to the bigger Kings and the giant Halibut, but a better battle you will not find in either bigger species.

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TripAdvisor® Traveler Reviews
5.0 Star Rating
Reviewed By on May 19, 2023
  • We visited Sikverking Lodge as part of our Alaskan cruise excursion, for a seafood feast & OMG it was the most amazing experience ever!! The food was plentiful & absolutely delicious and the staff...
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Dad's Fishing Trip of a Lifetime
5.0 Star Rating
Reviewed By on July 25, 2022
  • It's hard to describe how perfect our visit was to Silverking Lodge, but I?ll try. From the moment Jeremy picked us up at the dock, my dad, who was so closed off after his primary progressive...
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Epic Trip
5.0 Star Rating
Reviewed By on July 25, 2022
  • A group of us went to Silverking Lodge in July 2022. This was by far one of the most amazing trips / experiences I have ever had. Our group of six caught about 1200 lbs of fish from Tuesday to...
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