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  • Approximate Cost:
    4 - 5 Days: $500 to $1,000 Per Person
    2 - 3 Days: $500 to $1,000 Per Person
  • Type: Lodges
  • Fishing: Fly Fishing Freshwater Fishing Self Guided Fishing

The Yenta River Lodge is located along the shores of the Yenta River roughly 80 miles Northwest of Anchorage. This is a bare bones setup with self-guided fishing. The local area is outstanding and offers guests a quiet, beautiful location for wildlife viewing and fishing

Guests bring their own food and features a fully equipped kitchen, outdoor gas BBQs and a fire pit for preparing meals. The lodge supplies fishing boats and motors and fishing equipment. Guest should bring any special equipment such as lures and fly fishing gear, rubber boots and rain gear as well. There are freezers located onsite, and the onsite staff can help with fish fileting upon request.

Fishing the Yenta River

The Yenta river is an awesome place to fish. The king salmon show up between mid-May and the first week of June. If the winter has been hard, the fish usually show up in June. If the winter has been mild, the Salmon show up in mid-May. Kings are awesome because of their size. Good sized Kings range from 20-50 pounds. In Mid July, the Red Salmon fill the Yenta. Reds are fun to catch and usually they are a little more difficult to temp into striking. The trick is to place the fly down low at their eye level when they line up in the riffle. They hardly strike when in the shallows. In August, the Silvers arrive, and those are the true sports fish of Alaska. They are strong fighters and display well with acrobatics.

Other Fish to Catch in the Yenta River

The water here is slow and makes a great spot for spinner reels. This is a self-guided fishing lodge, and you fish from boats or from the shore. Guides are available upon request. The local water is a good place to find Rainbow Trout. Be sure to research a variety of flies for Alaska. Rainbow patterns are often pink or purple. The egg sucking leech and popsicle patterns work well for non-pink color flies. Lures or spinners are also encouraged.

Bring Your Own Lures and Flies

Spoons, pink jigs, etc. work well on salmon and trout. A good tip is to pack some bright pink yarn in your tackle box. You can use it to dress up a standard hook or enhance a lure. Salmon and Rainbows are mad for pink lures and flies. The other hot color to consider is chartreuse. Because fishermen are expected to bring their own lures here to the Yenta River Lodge, pack a well-stocked tackle box. If you are going to fly fish, you want a good range of flies that range from bright pink to solid black. Variations of flies include those leech patterns and popsicles. Bring a variety of dry and wet flies and just for fun, throw in a few mouse patterns. You just never know when you might have the opportunity to take on a Northern Pike.

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