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Yes Bay Lodge
  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $4,500 to $5,000 Per Person
    4 - 5 Days: $3,500 to $4,000 Per Person
  • Type: Lodges
  • Fishing: Guided Fishing Saltwater Fishing

Yes Bay Lodge sits along the coastal waters of the Southeast of Alaska. The lodge sits within the town of Ketchikan making it an easy access lodge for travelers. The lodge focuses on its family atmosphere and the superb fishing that occurs around Ketchikan, Alaska. One of the primary differences of this lodge from others is that their guide ratio is 2:1. Two guests per boat whereas other lodges and charters have four or six guests per boat.

Yes Bay Lodge is a rustic lodge that is comfortable and feels like home. Don't let the word rustic fool you, there are plenty of amenities here to satisfy most guests. Each of the rooms has a private bathroom with a tub-shower combo. Rooms are double occupancy and as such, they come with either a California King, Queen or two twin sized beds. There is a pool table in the great room. The food here is awesome. Expect beautiful food that is delicious. The wholesome appetizers and five-star dinners are outstanding. The lunches are hot and divine, and breakfast is not only good it is designed to power your entire day.

Fishing with Yes Bay Lodge

This is both a freshwater and saltwater fishing lodge, though the focus is usually on saltwater fish. The waters around Ketchikan are a prime staging ground for Salmon. The salmon are in a state of gorging as they stage in the calmer waters around the bay. Kings start the process in early May. The Sockeye follow soon after. By August, the Silvers are headed upriver. The summer fishing here represents four species of Pacific salmon. In addition to the Salmon are the halibut. Southeastern Alaska is a prime halibut habitat. The shorter continental shelf is an ideal location for halibut. Expect larger Halibut and a lot of Salmon.

Other Fishing at Yes Bay Lodge

All species of Rockfish are found here. Expect to fish for Red Snapper, Sea Bass, Cod, and if you are very lucky the tenacious Lingcod Freshwater fish include a number of species of Trout, such s the Rainbow and Cutthroat. You will also find Dolly Varden, which is a member of the char family. Dolly Varden are beautiful fish with brightly colored spots. All of these fish make excellent targets for sports fishermen. For those of you who want to try freshwater fishing, there is a stream that runs right outside of the lodge. It is a small creek that the salmon use. Where you find the salmon in freshwater, you find nice sized Rainbow Trout too. There are also plenty of nearby lakes that your guide can take you to on days when you want to focus on freshwater fishing.

If you are looking for a quaint, comfortable lodge with many options for fishing, then the Yes Bay Lodge is your ideal location.

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Google Rating
5.0 out of 5 7 Google Reviews
Google Reviews
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed 10 months ago on Google
  • We arrived on the 1st of July to an expansive lodge in the middle of nowhere. Beautiful to see, a huge day room and dining room. We were there to fish! A family of 8 hungry boys, we caught 500 lbs of cleaned Salmon, Halibut, Rock Fish, and Ling Cod. I went out daily with Packrat, my Capitan. He was a great teacher, guide, and storyteller. When things got slow, he knew just where to take us to speed up the action. We caught our limit (6 each) in Salmon for the first two days and hauled in 8 between my son and I on the third day after just 3 hours. We also caught two rock fish and a nice sized halibut. On the 3rd day, we came in early to try our luck with trout up the river, but trail conditions kept us from reaching our goal. We are definitely going back to Yes Bay Lodge!
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed a year ago on Google
  • I was a fishing guide here in 1981. What a beautiful experience as a youngster from Washington. Biggest fish my guest brought in was a 95 lbs halibut! Biggest fish we didn't bring in was probably 250 lbs. Thank God as it probably would have killed me as the fishing guide.
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed 2 years ago on Google
  • Yes Bay Lodge is amazing. The staff and crew are excellent. There is a family-like quality to how you are treated. The rooms are comfortable. The food is excellent. The guides are skilled and knowledgeable. The natural beauty is heavenly. The wildlife is abundant. But most of all... The fishing is impeccable. Limiting out on salmon, halibut, rockfish, and much more is extremely satisfying. 10/10 will come back again.
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed 5 years ago on Google
  • Great fixhcsing even better food and lodging !
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed 4 years ago on Google
  • Two fishers per guide ratio.

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